Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Runner's Christmas Wishlist

     As the holidays are approaching, I'm sure everyone is desperately trying to come up with some kind of fantastic gift idea that will totally impress your friends and make them love you. Speaking from experience, I know this is a tough thing to do at most times, which is why I'm here to help you (when it comes to your runner buddies that is). Although I have no idea what you should get your 93 year old grandmother who spends an abnormal amount of time on her rocking chair, I do have an idea as to what to get someone who loves to run. Of course let's not be completely selfless, you could definitely buy these things for yourself too!

     The first thing I would recommend is socks. Who doesn't need an extra pair of socks? I personally love socks made for runners because they feel really comfortable and secure. I wasn't even aware a sock could make you feel safe but it could happen. They also look really cool in my opinion. And to top it off, it's a great gift for girls and boys! These usually go for about 6 dollars a pair.

Women's UA Mini Headbands

     The second gift I'd highly recommend giving would be running headbands. I'm not sure if boys would appreciate these, but for girls it's a must have! You have no idea how long I've been wanting a headband for... I still do. But anyway you could either buy the thicker winter ones designed for running in cold or summer ones that could be worn all year round basically. Prices vary a lot but the thicker ones go for 10-20 dollars while most of the thin headbands come in packs for about 10 dollars.

     You know what everyone loves receiving? Gift cards! No matter their gender, anyone would love a gift card to their favorite sporting store. If you don't know what store they'd like to buy from, I recommend either Dick's Sporting Goods, Sport's Authority, Footlocker, Lady's Footlocker, Saucony, Nike, Underarmour, or maybe even a local running shoe store. The great thing about gift cards is they're totally customizable, but you should probably put on at least 20 dollars.

     Lastly, if you're kind of broke but intent on making that one person happy, make a customized water bottle! This is something all the girls do on the team. Buy puffy or fabric paint from your local crafts store and a nice water bottle. Then you just customize the water bottle anyway you want with the paint! Don't worry if you're absolutely awful at anything artsy, just try to make it neat and I'm sure they'll love it. I like putting cute quotes and sayings on mine with little foot prints going along the side.

     I know there's tons of different thing you could get for a runner who is dear to you, but these are just some of my suggestions! Happy Holidays everyone!

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