Saturday, October 19, 2013

Going Places

     Location is really important when it comes to running either alone or with others. There are many options out there wherever you may live.

     My all-time favorite place to run is at my local forest preserve. I strongly encourage that you find the closest forest preserve near you and go for a run there. They're my favorite because not only is there always a sign with trails on it, but it also shows how many miles a certain trail is. Especially in the fall, going along trails proves to be quite scenic. 

Our Team!
     Over the weekend, my cross country team took a trip down to Metamora, Illinois for a meet. The meet was located in a forest preserve and with this nice autumn weather, the whole place looked perfect. After the varsity race, the whole team did a thirty minute cool down on one of the preserves trails, located in a forest. It was absolutely beautiful. Although the run proved to be quite strenuous and dangerous (at least five people fell, one girl got stung by a bee, and the hills were KILLER) it was completely worth it.

     If you're not lucky enough to live by a forest preserve, then any type of bike trail would work. My team also runs along the streets most of the time. Make sure that when doing this however, that you either run on the sidewalk or keep to the left of the street. I don't think anyone wants to get run over. Running alongside the street can be pleasant because most neighborhoods in my area are very peaceful and quiet. In the summer, it's great to run in neighborhoods because most of the time, people have their sprinklers set out, and there's always the small chance you might run into a small miracle like a little girl giving out free lemonade at a garage sale (oh, it's happened). You can also use google maps to calculate how many miles you do if you take a certain route!

     In case it's dark, storming, or insanely hot outside, you're last resort would be to run on the treadmill or elliptical indoors. Personally, I hate running inside, but if you happen to have access to a really nice treadmill with a fan or something, then go ahead! Running on the treadmill can also be nice because you can watch TV and be entertained while working out. The elliptical or bike also work, and those are the two machines most girls go on if they're injured.

     Wherever you run, I hope you have a great time doing so and I also hope I gave you some ideas for the next time you go out for a run!

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