Monday, November 11, 2013


     One of the things that I always struggle with is choosing proper snacks to eat before or after I run. No matter how much I wish to just pig out and eat tubs of ice cream, I know this is probably the wrong choice. I also have to refrain from eating pounds of food at lunch, because that greasy cookie might come back when I run.

     First of all, there is a certain time frame when you should eat before running. You don't want to eat too far or close to when you'll go running because you obviously don't want the food to completely digest or not digest at all. A good time to eat is around an hour to an hour and a half prior to going running. Especially when you have early morning practice, you might have to get up earlier if you really need that extra food in the morning. I've never had a problem with eating at this time, so I highly recommend it. However, one of my friends absolutely can't eat less than three hours before a run or she will get sick. So you have to make sure you know how your own body functions.

     As for after you run, I don't think you should wait a certain amount of time, but definitely limit how fast you eat, and how much you eat. Sometimes I find my stomach hurting because I just inhaled half my fridge, and that my friends, is never a good feeling after you run.

     But the question is, what are you supposed to eat? Bananas and any fruits are a good choice. It's also believed that bananas help relieve cramps. However, I don't suggest eating grapes because for some reason they just don't sit well in my stomach when I go for a run. Any bread-type food like waffles, pancakes, or french toast work for me! Whole grain of course, is the best choice! I also love having Greek yogurt before I run. I think it's safe to say that's my favorite snack. You don't want to run with eggs in your stomach, because the sulfur just doesn't do well for you. I also don't advise having milk right before a run.

     As for after you run, you can eat most everything. I'll forever be a salad addict. I love salads with avocados, tomatoes, croutons, organic lettuce, and you could even put chia seeds in there. Veggies or wheat crackers with hummus is also a great snack! Having eggs is fine after a run because they're very high in protein. Apples with peanut butter are also amazing to have, they're absolutely delicious. I absolutely am in love with fruit strips, or as some people like to call them, fruit leather. They are absolutely delicious and I could honestly eat them forever.

     These were only a few suggestions on what to eat before or after a run, and I'll probably get around to posting another for "on-the-go" snacks!

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